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DbmJui is an attempt to clone DBMGUI, the database manager for MaxDB (formerly known as SAP DB).

DBMGUI is written in VB so it can only run on Windows platforms. DbmJui uses the Java programming language. It can run on every platform where a JVM is available.

Every version of DbmJui > 0.1.5 (only 0.1.90 for now) uses SWT. Linux/GTK2 and Win32 releases are provided. If you're running on a different platform, you need to download SWT separately from the eclipse website.

DbmJui is tested with SWT 3.x.


2007-12-24 : DbmJui retired

I stopped DbmJui devel a long time ago, but now SAP provides DatabaseStudio which is an eclipse based DBMGUI and SQLStudio replacement for Linux.

Please give a try to MaxDB Database Studio (Warning, while eclipse based it uses maxdb crappy perl/c based installer, and does depend on more than a JVM...).

2004-11-30 : Animelamp uses the dbmjui forms framework

Animelamp, a cool anime collection manager, uses dbmjui's forms framework to build its SWT ui. Thanks to Animelamp core developper, Mehdi Rande, some parts of the framework received some unexpected love : keyboard accelerators, table editing improvements, layout fixes, etc.

The forms framework was split in an aliaforms module in CVS. A new dbmjui release should come from this improved code.


More screenshots are available here.